The Unveiled Sky

Beautiful humankind, 

Picture Credits

The sky was clear. Clear to reveal all the veiled dreams. Like an usual day, glazing at the dark sky and reminiscing all the best memories was her best time pass. Little did she know today was something different.

With her eyes opened she admired the refreshing breeze. It was a wonderful feeling. Something different, something she didn’t know before, something that could not be expressed in words. It was completely amazing. “The crystal sky, the cool breeze and the pleasant mind are what one requires.” she whispered to herself.  Far away she could see the shooting star.  Like every sane person, she folded her arms to make a wish. A delightful wish sounds good. Watching those glittering stars as she attempted to make a wish, a sound shattered. It was like a sound of a clip-clop. Like the sound of your favourite watch getting broken. Or Like the way the nib of the blue fountain pen with which you have addressed the yellow page loses its charm. It was that sound. It was the sound of the shooting star getting vanished.

Something took away all her attention. Life made sense this time, she thought. Not the shooting star could help; it’s her desire that worked. She realised something different. Like the clear sky, were her dreams, anything she could dream of. And like the shooting stars were her wishes, anything she could wish for. And every shooting star came with some difficulties. Just like the sound, depending on you, either you lose it with the sound, or continue to go with the pace.

An ordinary student she was, she never knew she is capable of achieving anything she puts her mind to. Little did she know she could do anything.




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