Roustabout in one’s made element

Beautiful Humankind,

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7.43 a.m. and 45 degree Celsius read the digital board hanged in front of the Rajiv Chowk metro station. It was the 20th of May. You know the season of heat in the capital of the North Indian region, that season of peak heat it was. The crowd that entered the way through the sliding metro gate made it more humid.  He left his home early morning to catch up with the completion of the work before time. Well, he worked hard and tough.

From the smart blue jeans and plain white Kurta, he changed his clothe which was paintheyyed all over. He laid the stairs, tied some thick ropes and climbed up to reach the 20th floor, the top floor. With one hand he wept the sweat from his forehead. And from the other he made an afford to paint. “20 is not a small number. I am doing it well.” He mumbled to himself. Less to make himself feel confident, and more to assure it wasn’t an easy task. Not everyone’s cup of tea he actually meant.

That cup of tea thought made him think of having a ravishing fresh natural tea. He was heartily willing to drink one. Near the footpath, he could find a little girl in her teens selling some fresh juices. But to his luck, it wasn’t tea.  “Behen, Eek fresh mixed Juice banana”, he said.

From the end the lavishing hazel colour in the building looked splendid. The painting was bright. How lucid it looked! Just like a writer’s novel, or an artist’s canvas or much better a craftsman own build home. Just like, it belongs to him.

Sipping that fresh mixed juice, He thought, “Crawling up the building through stairs and ropes not just to cement and paint the bricks, but also to live in one.

Ever wondered how majestic it would be? ”

The smirking sun’s element could be used to gain Vitamin D in my poor freckled bones. The windows would be opened for a natural breeze every day in the evening. Air- conditions aren’t required. Are they? Yeah Mosquitoes won’t be able to fly up this height, he grinned thinking. How natural I would have made it, a real look to my own home. Real like a kid for his mother. And Yes, I will also keep a tulsi pot just beside the verandha where I used to sneeze while painting. Tulsi maata will make me feel good. Lovely it would be.

“Bhaiya, 15 Rupia huhe”- She exclaimed breaking him from his hallucination. One day this roustabout will rest in his made element, He promised himself.


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