Treasure Trove

…..Like the beautiful soul

Beautiful Humankind,

Picture Credits


“Will catch up in 15 mins on the roof top.” He said and hung up the call.

“Do you even realise how late you are? Every time you do the same.” She screamed.

With her folded arms trying to ignore him she turned right.

He tapped his phone to look at the time. “I am sorry dear. 26 mins late, I realised it right now.”

Woahh! You have a beautiful terrace. *Sexy* Indeed. You never invited me to such greenery. I never knew this strong was the intensity of wind and this serene the place was. Or else I would have invited myself.” He mocked trying to change the unsmiling aura.

“Even the weather is cool na, this makes me feel romant….” Before he could continue his sentence her mom disrupted him.

“Beta, Nastha karlo. Bhukk lg gyi hogi.”

“ Haan Aunty. Thankyou.”

“Oh madam, What would happen if I would have pronounce the word romantic. Aunty would have called me “Jawai” not “Beta”. Haina?” He mockingly exclaimed playing with her ruffled hair.

She discontinued the conversation and placed her trembling hand on him and said, “Rishabh, Dear I love you and I know you love me too. But dear, You deserve a sexy person. You deserve someone better than me. How can an acid victim be your life partner? You take your time. Think it deeply. I will wait for your reply.” She tasted her salty tear.

Removing her hand, He placed his hand above her trembling hand and said. “I don’t need to think baby. You are sexy. Sexy. Much Sexy. What do you think makes you less sexy? Your face? Your figure? Is it?

“No dear. Let me tell you, You have a beautiful soul. *Sexy* Indeed. How beautifully you cherish the moments you had. How beautifully you look at the mirror every day and tell yourself, “I am proud of myself”. How exquisitely you take care of your siblings and help them get the positive vibrations every now and then. How bravely you suffer the 3 days pain of menstrual cycle every month. How amazingly you manage everything and spare love for me. How else do we define sexiness dear?”

Sexy was the word she always thought of.  She never looked for a sexy heart.

“Thankyou Rishav. You make me feel sexy.”

She truly smiled.


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