Holding a candle to

Beautiful Humankind

Picture Credits

He hold her hands and took her to the nearest park. The shutters of milk shops have just opened. Her watch pointed to 5 past 10. They could listen to the beautiful cuckoo chirping. You know the early morning of 5 in the city when waste bins are cleared, when the feeling of sunrise can be assembled, when you could feel that cool breeze blowing along your side. It was that morning. He felt great.

Another second, he gazed at the content of the non-fiction book she was holding. “Dude, what is this book all about?” He asked while managing his shoe lace. “Uhmm, this is about learning lessons from yourself.” Huh! Yourself? You aren’t that great. Who will read about you? Not even me. You aren’t like those epic scriptures you know.” He mocked flipping the pages.

“Hello Mr. Kasera. You’re getting dumber day by day. Learning lessons from the inner self is what I meant.” She slapped his butt.

“Well, does it detail you about comparisons? Like the Pandavas were compared. Or like the cities and the states today, like the beautiful personalities, like the Bollywood actress better than those hot Hollywood stars, or as you and me are compared at school.”

“Huss! Little lad, Comparing yourself with the people around would be like those rich dudes posting selfies with caption that act senseless. What if they miss out a post? This won’t even matter, right? Did they give you a feeling that a cool breeze was blowing or could you feel the sound of birds chirping through their post? This is what comparing is. It’s worthless.”

Taking a walk around the greenery, she said. “Let us be like the green grass and the blue sky. Original and beautiful.  And yes, do compare. Scrutinize yourself with your lost yesterday dear.”

Before she could frame her next line, he retorted, “Let’s have some applause for Madam Richa. You learnt speaking well. Try toastmasters.”

“You Shut up. And continue stalking your pretty girl in that social page. ” She flouted.

“How beautiful the nature is. How silly the posts are!” He smirked scrolling through his instagram page.


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