Freedom~ Beyond a sacred thread

Beautiful Humankind,

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Since 13 years, every Rakhi she sends an adorable little letter to her brother. Say it technological barriers or the happiness of writing with her favourite fountain pen in the yellow pages. She couldn’t figure out the exact reason. And maybe she doesn’t even need one to address the love for her brother. The feeling of writing something to her brother just makes her happy every time.

Dear Bhaiya,

See, Listen, Get me a good bright red frock, your smart picture when you are partrioting in that soldier uniform and your list of movies.  Okay? Btw, don’t come soon. I don’t like mom preparing all your favourite snacks when you come and I end up getting no attention. Alright bro, Jokes apart. I am sending you a woollen thread I’ve made and a chocolate bar.  And yes we miss you so much. Take care of your cold. And Come soon. I’ ll be waiting for you.

With love,

Your pagli.

Her habituated nature of end moment tasking compelled her to apply for a speed post. She placed the letter on the envelope, detailed the address and posted it.

There, his brother was battling through the external threats, threats posed by the extreme terrains and climate and lastly threats that are hardwired into the structure of the group of young army men.  It was a splendid morning for him. The “Tiranga Yatra” song followed by the parade added the patriotic fervour to the soldiers. An oath for the national sovereignty, An oath to respect and protect the country as a whole, an attempt to signify unity is diversity. How better can this be explained that just a few words of love and support, showing of some respect is enough to motivate our soldiers to die for their country. At 11 a.m, before the tri colour flag was hoisted an army counsellor approached him with his letter.  “Love from your sister.” He said smiling.

Excited enough to read the letter, he almost forgot the work he was assigned of.  In a fraction of seconds, he almost tore the envelope and started reading. Tearing the envelope, he thought of the discipline he was to teach to his fellow mates. How sarcastic it was! At this moment, especially when the writing of your sister steals you from doing anything else, at that moment he believed no patience or discipline holds one back. He was smiling. He skimmed the letter thrice. Every year, he does the same. Reads the letter, smiles, not just smiles but laughs. Laughs his heart out, and writes back to her after a day when the ceremony of independence day almost comes to a halt.

But today was different. He read the letter, folded it in his pocket and before he could say anything, the Lieutenant commander exclaimed, “Mr. Superintendent, I want you to do something.”

“Yes SIR.”

“I want you to book a first flight to your hometown and meet your sister.”

“Sirrr, Si….rr, But I have my duty. I can’t leave it this way.” He almost spoke in broken lines.

“We will manage.” Exclaimed the Commander.

“Thankyou Sir. Thankkkyouu. Thankyou so much.“ He grinned.

In the next couple of hours, he was knocking at his front door. Mom couldn’t believe he was there in front of his eyes. His little sister, with tears in her eyes, she hugged him tight. She was unwilling to gather the strength to leave her arms unfolded from him.

They were awe-struck.  For a few minutes, none of them spoke anything.

Little did they know, their bonding spoke everything.


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