A fearless fly

Beautiful Humankind,

Picture Credits

Location: Kolkata, India.

He had chaos all over his head. Within, too much of miseries he felt today. His heart wasn’t constant. It was beeping fast like the constant humid air blowing towards the north of an aliened planet and the back of his mind wishing to ignore the most of them. No more repairing he could think of. He crawled upon to take a back seat in his car behind the ventilated four windows. Through his French window sill, he glanced at those separated clouds and the loftiness of the tower. How bright is the summit? “One among a million.” was the 2 am thought he could visualize at this 2 pm moment.

Behind the broken fluffy clouds he could now bring to mind a little bird IMG_20160830_124343820_HDR-3waving a bright ‘hi’ to him. “Something is as hidden as the little bird.” He thought. Oh Yes! A little effort has to be made. Yeah, just a little effort. Behind the dark blue sky he could now find a happy soul spreading its wings all over. And also behind a really normal bright sky you could find no birds. From his backseat he wasn’t deprived of the happiness that he would have achieved at the front seat where he couldn’t glance at the deep sky without looking at the rear view. From the ‘backseat’ of life he was smiling and glancing at the little fearless bird with its wings all open. He felt like those broken clouds along the path of a flight to home. Like the dark blue sky with no sunlight to look after. Or like an unlocked but still in a locked cage with no key of freedom toward the zenith of the tower. Just like the bird, A fearless fly he wished to have.

Introspecting what god gave him as a gift, he smiled back at himself. A life, a bounty to be thankful of. It was serene to find a smiling bird in the midst of his chaotic heart. ‘Backseat!?’ “Dude, how you look at odds and ends actually matters in the phase of dark blue days.” Isn’t it?

I guess, just to make him ponder at this question popped up the flying bird.



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