Take Yourself

Beautiful Humankind,

Alright, I know you had a bad day. Ahh! Not just a bad day, a really bad day.  But that’s completely okay. Let me put it this way. Just because today was bad, maybe worse than yesterday, you have learnt something better, right? Like, you learnt the only charm you need to refresh your mood, like you know gazing at that constant pond beside the trees is the only therapy you need, or perhaps listening to that silent music is the only thing you require. With this one bad day, you have known yourself perfectly better. And that’s the best feeling, right?

The next second you feel low, take yourself for a date. Yes, you can date yourself.  Pamper yourself. Listen to your heart beat and feel the essence of the wind blowing. Breathe. It was just a bad day. And possibly you’re learning out of it. Also, it’s okay to be self-obsessed. Well, I say, it’s important to be self obsessed. Because no one will love you more than how you love and respect yourself.  The yearning that your soul needs from you, is something no one can compensate. Love yourself deeply.

So, the other day when you have a really really bad day, Pat your back and tell yourself, “Good going buddy.  You have known yourself better. Much better.” Just take it easy. Come On. Cheer yourself up. Believe me, each one of you is a sparkle.


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