The Inner Voice

Dear heart,

I know you’re stubborn and you will barely make an effort to listen to me. But just pause for a while and speak to me. Have I ever cursed you for anything? Yes, tell me. Just tell me if I had. Alright, I am sorry for the last week when I shouted badly at you. But I guess I wasn’t wrong. How could you play with your safety by taking that sip of beer with the only flirter of your college? You deserved scolding that day.

Listen to me; you’re the purest thing I’ve ever known. I love you more than you could think. And believe me, you seriously rock. You must have heard me talking to my inner goddess when I feel low? You must have also seen me tapping my feet in Sia’s cheap thrills and telling you time and again that you’re amazing just the way you are. Come On! That isn’t just a lyrics. I mean it when I say you such. You know right, I’ve never been so romantic with anyone else.  Okay, Stop blushing. Keep your feet on the ground, you still cannot fly.

Well, you must have seen me wondering through the large window when the clock struck 2 A.M and getting lost in the conservation with you. You’ve never questioned me  because you have always understood what 2 a.m. holds.  You’ve known me really well and have understood the depths of a healing soul. Sweetheart, Thankyou for being the best friend I hold today. Thank you for those really bad scolding. Thank you for those insane pamperings and for making me feel the best, always. No one can ever replace you. You’ve been my sweetheart always. And I love you more.

Just You.


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