Who am I?

Beautiful Humankind,

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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I can’t help but spend my day reading a good book lying on my bed and taking big sips from my coffee mug.  No, I am not an introvert. I just like to spend time alone at times.  The other Thursday, I spent my time partying hard with my colleagues after a nasty office day. This is how I am. I like nights when the world seems silent and I can talk to myself and I love days when I can interact with a huge number of strangers just to make them smile.

When someone tells me “I’m an extrovert” or “He is an introvert”, I’ve never completely understood what that mean. Is it because I smile at every stranger that I am an extrovert or is it because I am shy to speak to girls that am I defined as an introvert.  For me, it has always relayed upon the circumstances one is facing. Just because I socialise since I’ve a good number of friends doesn’t define me as an extrovert. Or just because he is unable to speak in a public ground or he doesn’t enjoy a party to a longer extent like I do doesn’t define him as an introvert either. Like the other day, we went for a bonfire night and I couldn’t realise what made me dance and make the best moves. I guess because I had the best buddies that day, I could enjoy myself. Lying on the wet grass at 6 in the evening or socialising in a WhatsApp group at 4 a.m. is just a matter of what I feel like at that moment.

I have always taken it this way: Introverts and extroverts don’t really exist. For all of us it’s just a matter of circumstances, the people you have at that moment and the situation you’re in. So, the next day when anyone tells you that “You’re an extrovert.” Tell him, I’m neither an introvert nor an extrovert or an ambivert; I’m just making myself happy. And yes, tell them with a smile. A grin to be precise.


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