Little Moments- Just a little

Beautiful Humankind,

Text your best friend what he means to you and he will surely smile.  Look at the mirror and tell yourself, “Yes! I can.” Just call mom and tell her she is beautiful and you’re blessed to have her. On the way to a breakfast, get a cute little balloon for a kid begging on the roadside.  Tease your friend a little more so that she blushes red.  Go for a walk with your pet because you love that. Take your favourite person for a dessert in the midnight just because he was willing to have one. Call your childhood friend just to tell him that you miss him a lot. Just ask “how are you?” to a lonely friend and mean that. You can do great. Make a cute card for your little sister who adores you more than you do. Leave dad a “Miss you Dad” text and wait for his reply. He must be waiting for this little text since many years. You never know.

We all feel the best with some little things we get every day, right? Like the beautiful sun rays that enter your room just to wish you a Good morning. Let me tell you, I still grin not just smile when my readers adore my writing. Some very simple reviews like,  “Pretty Nice” or “Amazing” or “This made me smile” makes my day. An arch that almost touches the ears, and I smile really deep. See, none of us need something really great. We don’t need much. We just need some really little things to make us feel beautiful. To a really sad person, just tell him, “Believe me, You can do great.” and see his reaction. I’m sure this will make him smile. A little could boost so much of confidence that we shall have no idea about. Tell Thank you and mean it. Apologise when you really feel like. Text your girl a really long message to tell her she is beautiful and will always remain the same.

I just wonder there is so much we can do to make this place lively.  Get a small packet of food to the old lady on the way to your tuition. Let’s make little moments special. Let’s make “OUR PEOPLE” smile. At the end all we need is a little love and a cup of coffee, isn’t it?


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