Beautiful Humankind

Dear love,

I could never understand why all letters begin with the word “dear” and ends with “love” knowing the fact that neither everyone stands to be the dearest to you, nor we have the desire to love everyone. I don’t know how the pure word “love” stands different for every person you meet. Needless to say, Love has always been a buzz word for me. I’ve always given my 100% on wondering how one to one love happens but I’ve never really been able to understand. Like you get mad for a person and you look into her eyes and tell her, “I love you.” Ah! So much of romance.  Dramas, I guess.
I mean, we love so many things, right? I mean, I could love everyone, right? You love those little kids on the way to your home. Like you love those school friends whom you could speak your heart out and you even love those stars at the dark night, right? So, I wonder why you don’t tell everyone that “You love them.” Why is “I LOVE YOU!” text meant for the two of you only? Like, how do you fall in deep love with just one person? I mean, what are the criteria? Do you look at those prettiest eyes and the beautiful heart? But then everyone is beautiful, why just that one special person who gets so much of your love? I find it magical that how you determine that you’re deeply in love with this one person only. Have you told the stars that she is pretty? No, right? Try telling her once. And the funniest is when people tell me, “He is one in a million.” I mean, you haven’t even met one thousand people in your life and you’re telling me you’re in love with one among a million. Stupid, I guess. I mean, everyone is stupid.
I have a small note to my future lover.
“To my future lover,”

I won’t start it with dear because you haven’t been the dearest to me till the date. I don’t even know who you are. I don’t know if you even exist. I guess not. By chance, you are on this earth and you happen to fall in love with me mistakely, Let me tell you, those fairy tale romances and cheesy words revealing ridiculous tantrums are not my cup of tea. I’ll love you, like I’ve loved everyone. You may find me boring but this is how I am. I won’t entertain you anyway. If you want me to cook I will. But if you don’t, I won’t mind if you cook for me as well.  We shall go for a coffee date. I mean, we will. I’ve loved that. I’ll write more once I find you. Till then I guess I should try falling in love. I definitely should.

Not completely Yours.


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