Leaning On

Beautiful Humankind,

You know, the world looked like a holy prison to her. Similar to her were those butterflies in her room, with the ability to fly but with no willingness to run away to the uncomfortable boredom of her own skills. She couldn’t understand what she felt like. It seemed like her philosophical heart was at deep rest today.  Her heart wasn’t constant tonight. No, she didn’t have her heartbreak. She just didn’t feel good. Neither the cryptic silence of 2 a.m. nor the smell of coffee did wonders today. Figuring out what was wrong looked beyond her reach.

Perhaps all she needed at that point of time was someone to tell her, “Life’s a mess but you will do well.”  All she wanted to hear were the three mesmerising words, “Believe in yourself.” All she wanted her heart to say was, “It’s okay to feel numb. It’s okay to pause for a while and think what you actually wished for. It’s okay to stop understanding yourself sometimes.” All she needed was a push, I guess. A push to tell her, “It isn’t that difficult.”

You know, even the optimists need a nudge at times. Just to ensure them that life isn’t a holy mess.


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