Bid Adieu

Beautiful Humankind,

As you walk down the aisle with the worry of tripping over the “Lehnga”, I was sure you will manage it well. Your bright smile laid down all our attention and I paused for a while to glance at how little you were in my hands. I’ve known that this day would eventually come but I couldn’t feel my heavy heart that time. Definitely, I can feel the heavy weight of both your lehnga and your heart right now and how confidently you managed to hide your tears. Beta, you have grown up to be a beautiful young lady. For the first time, I am filled with both the emotion of joy and happiness. I know you are having those mixed feelings while walking down the aisle with your head bowed low. But you shouldn’t feel low, It’s a proud moment for all of us. This is why I didn’t hug you when you came to be. I just smiled. I was pretty sure you would burst into tears and I didn’t want your mascara to ruin your beauty today.

Yes Beta, I can sense that you are greeting all your guests with a vivid smile. Oh! You saw me from far and you smile back at me. You smile back at me but your dad can see the tears in the corner of your eyes. I am having the same feeling beta. I can feel you. Definitely Beta, you’re young enough to be in my arms even today. And even if you grow old, until the date I am, my arms will always be there to hold you strong. Besides everything, I’ll miss you. The chirping noise will no longer be there. No longer I will ask you how to operate my mobile. But it’s difficult to see you leaving the happy footprints all over. I know little things make you happy even today. And tomorrow skype calls will make you grin. No longer you will be asked to sleep on time and get up early. I know he is there for you to keep you completely alright and I should not at all worry. And maybe he is the perfect person you will ever have. “Oh, dad! You will always be the best person.” I know this would have been your reaction in case you overheard me. But believe me, he is. He will take care of you just like me. Perhaps more.

I know when we walk the lane to bid you a final farewell, you will officially be someone else’s responsibility and I am not ready to give up my little girl. No matter where you are, in what situation you are, you can always count on your dad. For me, no matter how old you grow, you will always remain daddy’s little princess. And this will always be your home.


2 thoughts on “Bid Adieu

  1. Anish gupta says:

    phenomenal sakshiiiiiiiiiiiii

    one of the best ones i’ve read lately
    emotions to be described in words needs incredible talent ma’am and you’ve done that remarkably
    tons of love ,keep shining the same way

    with regards,

    Liked by 1 person

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