What for?

You’ve worked pretty hard to come up to this level and now you realise this is not something you actually dreamed of. Okay, Tell me, How do you react when you realise you’ve taken a wrong path and you really do not know how to move on?

You’re fucked up with your life right now. And obviously, you didn’t wish to happen it this way. Life would’ve been much better if “Log kya khayenge” didn’t matter to me at 16 when I was to choose my career. If rat race was something I was mature enough to tackle, I would we happier today. Happiest, I guess. Because you’ve chosen your career you weren’t interested in or I better say, you didn’t know where your interest lied upon, you aren’t enjoying it anymore. I wonder things would have been easy if we were groomed differently. Life would have been much easier if we were taught to experiment, to explore and to feel a little more. If schools were beyond school books and taught us to live a practical life, scenes would have been better today.

Right now, I want someone to tell me, it’s okay to take a break and have the guts to experiment once more. It’s okay to pause for a year or two before choosing what you’re interested in.  Or it’s okay to stop at this point and start something really exciting. Or time is just a boundary, you have time, you still have.

Today, Just like me when you go back in time and think of what made you choose your career, I’m sure, like me, you would be spellbound by the limited choices we had known at that phase. It is because we weren’t groomed to tackle the choices in life. We were groomed just to score good in a fucking exam which we’ve no idea about. It is because “successful” meant engineers, businessman or a fucking MBA.

At that time, I didn’t make an effort to wonder differently. To know that I have a better interest in hairdressing rather than knowing the journal and ledgers prepared by a firm. That the chapters of circles and linear equations , will not sum your life. That life has something more to do. Moreover, I would feel great if someone would teach me the social life, the practical life and the real learnings rather than the teachings they give. The teachings that tell you to bow your head low even if you aren’t guilty but because everyone around thinks you to be wrong. But basically, you aren’t.

And yes, with ruined grooming stands the ruined education system. I can’t understand how the fucking system of Indian education works. I doubt what their focus lies upon. Intelligence or Memory power stands a myth for me even today. Like, tell me, how are we supposed to remember the formula of some algebraic equation ten years back from now? And practical usage, just tell me how?

We aren’t running after the deeds we enjoy but we tend to enjoy the things we have never loved.  We aren’t living anymore in the 21st era, we’ve moved back to the time of our grandparents. Like I said, Time-bound.


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