That’s okay, right?

Beautiful Humankind,

To the guy who loved her more than himself,

Sweetheart, just pause for a while and listen to me. I’ll take your 6 minutes. Listen, Listen carefully.

The 1st minute. You’re a hero. Thank you for the endless time when she was drunk and you drove her safe to your place.  Her high shots of vodka could’ve made her tremble over the horny guy who was looking for a chance constantly. Thank you for not letting her lose the virginity even in that high music and tequila shots.

Why are you stuck this way? Okay, I understand the fact she was beautiful and you couldn’t keep your eyes off her. I know that you loved her deeply, more than you loved anyone else in your life. I know she had been your preference before mom.  But that’s okay, right? How will you learn to love yourself if such heartbreaks weren’t mean to hurt you? Yes, tell me? At least you realised mom deserves to have the first preference. Take a pause, a minute isn’t over. You still have 20 seconds to take some deep breaths.

Third minute: We have always known and read stories where at the end, a girl is the one who has had a heartbreak or hasn’t been easy to move on. What about boys? Fairy tales are meant for girls, I guess. Boys are supposed to be the hero every time. But believe me, Guys have a heart too. A heart that is big enough to hold all your tantrums and more lovable to be really precise. To the girl who left you for some other guy, she has missed a star. Rockstar is what I call you.

Breathe. I know I’ll sound stupid if I tell you  to just let her go. But this is the fact. Yes, a fact that you have taken long to overcome. Let her miss you and let her know what she has missed. The next thing I want you to do right now is to delete that cute photograph you have it as your wallpaper and just keep it in the recycle bin in your head.  Do not completely delete it, because you’ve memories that made you smile. Finally, The 5th minute shall also be over soon.

Lastly, everything is mendable. You aren’t completely broken. Not me, not you not the other guy who shared the similar story in the cafe that day, No one is. Glue stick? I guess such heartbreaks require a self-loving kind of glue. Have patience and stop faking smiles.

I give you 30 seconds and one extra minute to just make yourself feel good. Btw, the girl writing this loves you. And that’s okay, right?

Your’s truly,

Someone who can feel you.


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