Down the Drain

Beautiful Humankind,

I miss you.

I miss the happiness in your eyes. I don’t miss the way you were to me; I miss the way you were to yourself. I miss the positivity that has just evaporated into a magical jar of locked vessel. I can feel that your smile has lost the essence to make yourself feel comfortable. You know, you’ve lost the charm; the charm of being yourself. You’ve missed it all. I miss the jolly atmosphere you would create around yourself.  I miss the chirping you. I miss your good days. The warmth that you were on the last winter evening, the colder you are today. I miss the warmth. You were the walnut brownies I had loved; you’re left with only nuts today. December is no more exciting. Neither the Christmas carols nor the cheerful streets have the power to play with your mind and take you to the world of relaxation and not to the world of realisation. I miss the happiness and the positive vibrations you allowed. And I miss the peace you had with yourself. Oh! I miss it all.

Most importantly, on the way to missing you, I miss myself. And when I tell you, I miss you, I miss the real you. Will you be the old one for me, Please?


2 thoughts on “Down the Drain

  1. Anish gupta says:

    Amazing! you know the most important thing is that i am able to relate this to myself which obviously is a great part as per your skills as you are writing to make the readers spellbound and connected to the article.

    Oh and i wish so badly that could i share these beautiful words with someone who is a total stranger for me now; and that they could actually understand the depth and meaning of it.
    loved it sakshi

    with regards,

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