Beautiful Humankind,

Dear Mother India,

You’ve been given quite a respect of SHE; the best one could ever have. People say you’re beautiful. They say “She” is a place to be visited often. But I wonder. I wonder if she is beautiful even today, at this moment. When she isn’t safe today, how is she supposed to be good and pretty? Like you, even your daughters aren’t safe today.

I’ve seen you glittering in occasions and festivals. Be it Diwali, Holi or a New Year, you’ve been a pride and happening always. We saw India with the love, respect and awe of a real mother. But Dear India, today isn’t the same. Perhaps, you’ve failed to give your boys a better education. And I doubt if you’ve been able to complete your job as a good mother. I doubt. In the same motherland which we saw with so much of love and respect, at the same place she is groped. She is raped. And this is happening way too frequently. How do your sons manage to give excuses for something that is completely wrong?

They say #NotAllMen
I say almost every girl feels
She is no sugar.
She is no creamy.
She is neither fruit jam nor nuts.
She is a fire. A burning soul SHE is.


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