Beautiful Humankind,


Hey! How are you? Mind it, I’m good is not really a true answer.

All of us, we gradually share our happy bits with that charm and glitter in our eyes. But I want you to share every bad feeling you’re having. I want you to express what you feel like. Whatever you feel like at this moment, just share. Maybe the guilt for something you haven’t been able to forgive yourself till the date. Take time but please forgive yourself. Please. Perhaps a bad day that is bothering you since the late afternoon? Or a sadness that is drifting you away from what you were?

I want you to speak. Share it with someone you love. Speak from your soul. Speak to someone you know will never judge you, no matter how worthless you feel of yourself. Cry. Scream if you feel like. And listen, I will tell you the fact. You aren’t alone. Each one of us has been through the stages that you feel right now. Things will mend. It has to.You just need to express. Believe me, they will understand you. They will feel you, like the feeling you’re having. And by the way, if you aren’t willing to share your not-so-good-times, what are “your people” meant for?

See, I am not telling you to share everything with me. I haven’t basically empowered the talent of complete maturity but if that makes you feel better, I will wholeheartedly listen to you. I’ll always be there to listen. Maybe over a cup of coffee and some good food? And I’ll truly appreciate whatever you feel like. The point is, I don’t want you to lose the charm. Do share it with your favourites, with the ones you feel like. Even if it means one or two out of the bunch. Just kindly don’t keep it inside. Please speak. Express.

Okay, So Hey! How are you?

And this time will you mind telling me what you actually feel like?


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