Many a moon

Beautiful Humankind,

What if we weren’t influenced by the timings shown by the hour hands in our clock? What if the sunlight wasn’t marked as days and the twinkling stars didn’t have the talent to make you feel relieved once again? Just like no boundaries. Neither days nor nights, just your way.

If 19 was just a number and nothing to hold about love and first crush. When 26 wouldn’t compel you to get married and the calendar in your smartphone wouldn’t notify you every big presentation you are to present the very next day. Most of all, if times, days and age didn’t ask you to ponder upon any big deals. Rather happily convincing you to do it at the time you want. How peaceful and lovely, right?

Like dancing meant not at bars but in your own way, maybe in your own form of music at your hut with your little siblings? Not a bad idea, I guess. Just like your form of painting on a canvas. The way you wanted at that time. What If perfection had nothing to do with time?  No perfect time. No constant boundaries. And no explanations. Just like talking to your best friend could be anytime; no day, no night, no rules and no excuse.  And by the way, aren’t unplanned ways of gathering the best?

Simply all your way.

Why just be like a line walking on a straight plain and not be like a tangent to a circle? Maybe peculiar? Or maybe just like you wanted?

Age and times. Perhaps, they’re bound; just like you and me.

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