Beautiful Humankind,


Though you start and end your day with me looking deep into my hands, I know you hate me. I know you hate me more.

But you know what, I’ve always been kind to you. Kinder, I guess. I’ve always tried understanding you and rather tried adjusting according to you. But what do I do if my behaviour is bound in such a way?

I’ve always tried being constant in your life. I never reacted like your boyfriend but rather like a best friend, always holding your back and supporting you, no matter how bad you were to be. I wasn’t irritated or arrogant at all.

Dear friend, I know there will be a day when you will love me. One day you’ll realise the role I’ve played to make you as consistent as you are today. I will be your sunshine when the skies are grey. When you will fly with those beautiful colours, I’m sure you will love me at that moment. You consistently will.

And yes, I know you hate me for the priorities I have changed for you. With some days to pass, you will start disliking me for the circumstances I will be creating. And the worse shall be when no one will understand that I made you change. Rather they will tell you, “You” have changed by yourself. And trust me on this, the worst is yet to come. You will start hating me till the depth.

Okay, So because today seemed to be the day when I’ve ended up revealing everything, let me uphold the courage and ask you a very simple question, “With all these hatreds inside, how do you sustain?” I mean, how do you survive? Try loving me a little; just a little. Who knows I could end up being a really true friend of yours?

Always loyal,
The Time


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