in pieces

Beautiful Humankind,

Dear Long lost Best Friend,

I smile. I laugh. Most of the times I tell myself, I’m good. That I am perfectly fine and all I need to do is keep myself good. Like you, I am blessed with the best of people here and they constantly make me smile. But they aren’t you. I try looking for you in them and make some little efforts to find you in them.

You and I are an example of how promises fade away with time. There are days when I look at the two best friends on a street laughing their heart out and I miss you to the level I cannot define. And then there are those loud silent nights at 1.47 a.m. when all I could think of is our endless memories. Every sparkle and every woe poke me to miss you. Some days, all my mind could think of is to leave you a text or to just give you a call to tell you, “You’re a sweetheart.”

Every time your thought comes into my mind, a teary heart silently rolls down a tear making me miss you more. With tears holding me back, believe me, writing this letter isn’t easy.

You know, no matter how fascinating my heart may seem to be, it’s an empty one. At times, lying in my bed with a bucket of ice cream is all I do to make myself feel good. Sometimes chocolates do help. I prefer chocolate pastries on those missing-you-kind-of days. Anyways, we aren’t there to make each other feel any good. Are we?

I hope this letter comes with the strength and make both of us smile. This heart will always be empty without you; A heart so empty that every beat echoes.

I fake smile. I fake laughter. Most of the times I tell myself, I’m good when I am not even fine. And I know, just like me, it isn’t painless for you.

We aren’t broken. Are we?


Not really Lost Best friend.


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