Hey, Valentine!

Beautiful Humankind,

They call February a month of love. Valentine’s Day, They say. But today wasn’t any different to me. In my early childhood days, I have never known what V-day was all about. So definitely I never knew planting a kiss in the public would be comfortable.

Every day looks like a perfect Monday to me. Life in 40’s has always been monotonous. Household chores heckled up like a customary, melodrama mornings, typical Indian breakfast, setting up the important files for him, getting kids ready for school and sleeping on time were a complete ritual. The same hectic routine I call it.

Candle light dinner dates aren’t always perfect. You don’t always speak your heart out. We don’t always make love. Not every day. Even if it seemed stupid, surprisingly your uncle decorated the room and got me a red rose with a pinch of love. He quarterly hugged me. A little effort to convey love made it a perfect moment. Some days all we need is little love. Don’t we?

At least, new generation taught we uncle and aunties that life isn’t as tedious as we assume it to be. And stupid things do make sense at times. Maybe even one special day a year could make everything worth it.

Reviving love and creating bonds. Valentine’s Day, Is it?


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