Can of Worms

Beautiful Humankind,

I understand that you are pressurised. You are fucked up. I understand that not even a small portion of your deed is working as per your plan. I understand that things look puzzled and maybe you feel worse than I can imagine. So? Even I feel the same. Like, each one of us is going through something or the other. It has always been that way. And this is what makes life interesting, right?  The old grandma staying in the old age home is more melancholy than you. Our parents, they are struggling with so many things that we have no idea about. The little 6-year beggar in the street, what do you think he is up to? What about those pets and the birds who don’t even have a place to stay in? They are living beings too. They do struggle. Don’t they?

Alike you, I don’t end up puffing cigarettes or taking weeds. I am not even sure of the different drugs that exist. Tough people do not use this technique. Do they?

Like, I don’t know how you end up telling that life is difficult. I mean, all of us have known that we are meant to struggle at times; less for some and more for a few. So, do we end up smoking and harming our lungs for years in order to not feel that pain at that moment? Is that the only way out?

Moreover, this is a phase when we have not merely seen half of our lives. At this point, I really can’t understand that how do we, in our teens end up telling ourselves that I have endeavoured or maybe, this was the end. It isn’t. Believe me, it’s just a beginning of something really big. We have just started feeling the burn in the belly.

Smoking is like those allopathic medicines, you know it has side effects, you know you have other healthy options, but you end up consuming one. Why? Just because it relaxes you soon. Sooner than anything else that will permanently cure you.

You wanna look cool? Smoking isn’t really a good option. Neither drugs. Nor weeds. Try paragliding instead?

Just tell me one thing, are you this feeble to not struggle? You aren’t. You are like those revivifying perfumes that do not vanish this easily and believe me, you’re one such aroma.


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