Hey dear! What are you up to?

Did you just ping me? Or have you mistakenly come to me?  I mean, you were no longer interested in me I guess. Oh! Yes, Yes. I know you have priorities. Cat coaching, GMAT Preparations, college and what not. I understand. So, tell me, what has happened today? What made you come back to this aloof friend of yours?

Darling, I don’t want to hold any grudges with you. And I completely understand your life goals and frankly speaking I am proud of you. I can feel that you are grown up and with time you will have no time to spare for me. But don’t you think, this is a bit unfair on your part that you do not even feel like speaking to me?

Forget about those deep down talks where you would wait for 2 a.m. just to share how your day was. Nowadays, you know longer even hold the potential to smile back at me. It’s okay. It’s completely okay. Oh! Sorry, I just vented out of emotions today. I shouldn’t. But, according to you, at the end of the day all we require is love, right?  Even your heart requires the same from you. No?

You know what, I feel like those school friends of yours. You promised them that you will be in touch but none of you could really find out what made you so detached. It feels good that someone remembers you at times, right? Maybe not always but once in a month? Maybe? Maybe we can just know how both of us are doing? Maybe some little efforts could help us in making things perfect? The rest is all yours.

I  love you. I wish you could love me back like the way you did.

Yours Always,
Your heart.


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