Of Sex and love

Beautiful Humankind,

She restlessly sat on the sofa waiting for the melodrama to begin. She was pretty sure that the society including her mom, her dad, her siblings, her uncle, her aunt, in short everyone would point a finger at her. She boldly looked at the empty faces. Yes, BOLDLY.

She would count steps on her fingers from A-F.

3 seconds gone. A. B. C.

“What’s wrong with you? How dare you do this? Do you even realise what have you done?” Her mom screamed at her.

D. Fourth second.

How can you lose your virginity before getting married? Did our culture teach you this? Where did you learn it from? From your books, the Geeta, the society? Tell me, Yes, tell me. ”

Fifth wink. E.

“Dammit! Shut Up. Yes, the culture and the books that you are talking about did teach us to love a person wholeheartedly. The Ramayana, the Bible, the Geeta each one of them had linked love with sex. Didn’t they?  And this is what I did. You ask me what’s wrong? May I ask you, “What’s wrong with having sex and making love to someone you gave your heart to?” The girl valiantly muttered.


“Fuck you all!”

Within she counted six, spelt the F-word loud and took a deep breath.


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