Oh, Best!

Beautiful Humankind,

Dear unknown best friend,

First of all, let me tell you I do not really believe in the word “best.” Or maybe I have lost the faith that this word brings. So, someday if I consider you as a “Best Friend” or you happen to tolerate me as your best friend, I just want you to know something about your bestie. I find it so funny that at this point in time when people are busy finding their beloved; I stand here searching for someone I could share all my deep thoughts with. I repeat it again, all deep thoughts.

Apart from my body features, I want you to know something better. Before you hold me as your best friend, I want you to know that I’ve never been good at fulfilling a role as a best friend. Yes, you heard it right. So, think twice before making such a big decision. It will be your lifetime decision because I won’t have to strength to lose you once again.

Secondly, the girl writing this isn’t really weird. I am weird to an extent and I will definitely join you at all your craziness. Oh! By the way,till this time you must have known that. Trust me on this, I do not really share most of my happenings with everyone. I don’t know what do you call it, maybe a self-composed kind of a girl or maybe because no one really gives a fuck, it doesn’t matter sharing my deeds with anyone. I just don’t, as simple as that. And maybe none of us does that. But she is more than what everyone is. She is different and you will learn that with time.

There will be days when I will want you to just listen. Do nothing. Just listen. And there will be times when all I require is a hug. That’s all. With time you will get to learn that I do not love expensive gifts. Give me your love, spend some time with me, be honest with me and I will love you always. These days I’ve started losing confidence in most of the things I do and maybe the other day I will start shivering because of the fear I have within. During these not-so-my-kind-of-days, you will have to help me restore the faith in myself. You will have to have my back and no matter how worthless I feel of myself, as a best friend please try making me feel at least good, if not the best. I do listen to all my favourites. So, I’m sure I will make an effort to listen to all your suggestions as well.

Wait. I am revealing you a fact; this is supposed to be a secret, okay?  I cry most of the times, and when I do that I feel easy. So the other day when I cry in front of you please do not ask me not to. Just let me weep, I will be fine after that.  And please do not laugh at me. Even the silliest thing on this earth brings tears to my eyes. Do you realise how weak hearted your best friend is?

Listen, like I said you I am not a sharing kind of a person, If I happen to share most of my good and bad days with you, believe me, you are special to me to an extent you cannot even think of. I love you that deep.

Little efforts are the key to my heart. Be it a phone call, a small word, a text, anything. It has always mattered and it will always. I can’t change myself in this regard. For me at the end what just matters is an effort. Dear best friend, I will give my 99% but do understand that you need to give that 1% to make it a perfect friendship.

I’ve poured my heart into this letter. I’m not really interested in “best friend” as just a tag. Please mean it before giving one such name. Did I tell you, you will be the first priority before my boyfriend? Friendship is this deep to me.

Lastly, I will make sure that this time I do not lose you as a best friend. I am working on it and most probably by the time I find you, I guess I will be somewhat perfect. Or will imperfection work for you?


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