Beautiful Humankind,

It’s 3.28 a.m
With demons trying to touch my heart,
Waving “hi” all day and night,
At 2, peeking through my blanket,
Hide and seek it plays,
Visiting me,
every now and then,
“Go!” “Move away” I scream,
I scream, but not loud enough to scare them,
he loves my delicate bed I guess,
and within,
With not so really visible scars,
I still look perfect to you in the morning,
I wake up,
To try,
to fight,
to speak, to reach out,
to regain the charm,
the lost charm and the sparkle within,
to learn to make myself happy,
With time,
And then,
With time,
during the same nights,
at 3.28 a.m.
I learnt,
To make myself happy.


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