hearts and flowers

Beautiful Humankind,

They told me,
That this is the “best phase” of your life,
That it comes in the form of
A whole bunch of stupid class
That you would always cherish.
But I never really believed,
Until the day,

I realised
That the same class photograph
That made me feel nasty some years back
Made me hold a smile today

That this is why we filled the pages of
The dairy,
Flipped through the pages of the slam book
And scribbled in the white shirt on the last day
Of school.

That snap chat stories
Will remind us that they existed,
And calls and video chats,
Will make me miss them
To an undefined level

I never knew,
That we won’t rewind it back,
Until one day,
I realised that
Those days are gone.
And all I am left with is
Memories and memories
And memories.

With a pinch of nostalgia.



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