The Kiss

Beautiful Humankind,

I slowly laid my mouth on her and we kissed for the first time. She tasted beautiful. Her mouth tasted of chocolate with a pinch of vanilla that I had hated until yesterday. I caress her back with my little fingers and she gave a very shy smile. The next second, we both look at each other and our eyes completed the talking in silence. I could feel her. I could hear her heavy breath which sounded like the rain slapping through the window. It sounded musical. Everything seemed musical.

I could smell roses. It felt like some tiny petals of roses are flowing all around leaving its wonderful smell. She smelt of soap. She smelled exquisitely beautiful.  I could figure out she had definitely used the rose body wash to have come up with such fragrance. Something fascinating, something that allures you, she smelt that magical.

I slowly plucked her hair behind the ears and I kissed her. I kissed her ears, her neck, her thighs, her hands. I kissed her skin. I made love.

She shivered a little. And then a little. And finally, she was trembling badly. You see, this is what we do in love. Knowingly, Unknowingly, We hurt the other person a little.


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