And why not?

Beautiful Humankind,

When I was a kid, I used to look into the mirror and whisper something. I don’t really remember it well, but I do remember that it made some sense.

Remember those childhood days, when for every good task you did in school or at home someone was there to reward you? At times with some of your favourite words like, “You’re love” or “I told you, you’d done great!”  And at times with some materialistic love. Don’t you remember those mark sheets that detailed you about all your subjects and how you’d smartly boasted about it? Haven’t we all been through those days?

I’m in my twenties and as a sit in the corner of my bed with a cup of coffee, I wonder how’d life turned to be if we were still rewarded. I wonder if we had a score card of life instead of the mark sheet we got at school, would we still be able to pass in all the subjects. Had the scorecard represented everything you’d think about yourself, would we still be boasting about our results? In that case, we’d be more positive I guess.

Most importantly, how determined we’d be if we were to reward ourselves. I mean, no one is to prepare the score card. You prepare your own score card of your life. Sounds interesting, right? If for every day we had a small diary where we could record all the feelings we had today, and for every positive feeling about yourself you scored a double, would you still be so insecure of yourselves? What if even today, for every little task you’ve accomplished someone was there to tell you, “Yes, I was sure you’d done that!”, would you still conserve your mind with the negativity? For every time you lose confidence in yourself, you lose one important trait of your personality, would you still be less confident of yourself?

For every 3 a.m. night, when you feel low, how beautiful it would’ve been if you could convince yourself that you’re a sparkle. That you’re strong enough and no anyone could ever make you feel less worthy. If the securities came not from the locked doors of your home, but from the warmth within, maybe within we’d be more secure? If for every second you feel hopeless, you’d lose a considerable amount of score in the scorecard of your life, would you still be this hopeless? If you’d love your heart the way you want someone else to do, would you still think of hatred?

I wonder. I wonder. Sometimes, I look at myself and wonder I could be the perfect version of myself. That we could all do whatever we’ve ever wished to if we were positive enough to have not thought of any negative vibes coming around. You see, there is so much we could do in ourselves.

And like my childhood days, I looked at the mirror once again and I whispered something.

“Hope.” The vibrations remain the same since childhood.


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