What Idol looks like?

Beautiful Humankind,

Do you ever wonder what Idol looks like?

Come, Come along with me. I’ll slowly run my mind through the traces and will dictate you some key points you’d feel worthy listening at this hour.

  1. Your mom and dad will always be your mom and dad. I repeat, YOUR. Before you try proving them wrong, I want to tell you, they’ll understand and they’ll totally feel you.
  2. No matter how smart or how educated you are, you’ll always need your parents. Sometimes for the sympathy and most of the times for the love, care and the guidance that nobody else would try giving you.
  3. Even at the age of 20, my little problem is always greater to them than the massive issues they are having. No wonder, they won’t even mention about their sufferings.
  4. They tell you, “I know, this must be difficult. My girl, you’re struggling.” I want them to know that my grandma has secretly dictated me the stories of how you’d struggled. About dad being the superhero in that story.  At that point of time, I considered it as a story. Fairytale, you see. Today I came to know it’s wasn’t just a struggling painful story. It was one real struggling story of dad. I wish I could tell you how tiny my struggles are when kept before what you’ve been through.
  5. Through years I’ve learnt that you learn by observing. And when people ask me how you’d been so kindest, I don’t really know what to tell them. For I have seen my family members showering each one they meet with the kind blessings. I don’t know what Kinder or kindest is. I just know the word kind. Like some famous people say, “What you see is what you learn.” I learnt what I saw.
  6. I realise that it’s important, to be honest, and to make them believe that they are an integral part of our lives. I know that we’re all busy and we barely have time. But But, we do believe in priorities, right? Let me keep this straight, they’re your PRIORITIES. Believe me, they will always enjoy talking to you. ALWAYS.
  7. We talk about the time when we have no time. We talk about this era as one powerful era. What’ve we actually done to make it all worthy? I’ll suggest you something, let’s make some time to sit with our parents and discuss something you’ve always wanted. Your dreams, your life, your friends, your friend circle. Let them meet your friends. Talk deep. I’m telling you it’ll make sense. It always made sense to me. Trust me on this; they’ll always love being your listening ear. Tell them stories of how college was and how as usual you were late for the first class. Ask them how their days were. I’m sure they will understand you more than you could ever believe. And they’d love sharing what made them go long during the day.
  8. At last, on your every long/short travelling journey, you’ll always find your dad being overprotective and your mom will always pack some extra homemade food for you.
  9. When asked about blessings, I don’t know what form it takes. But I’m sure such family is no less than a complete blessing.

Do you even wonder what Idol looks like? Look around, you’ll find one.




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