The sparkle 

Beautiful Humankind,

We describe people. We describe places. We pretty much describe anything and everything. I’d like to ask you something. If you were to describe yourself, how’d you do that?

This one is for me, Myself.  Okay, if you feel like judging me, no worries. Feel free to do so. Cause’ I’m sure my friends won’t and I don’t care about the rest.

I’m not a very messy kind of a person. But apparently, I like messy hair with a bun. They give me a feeling that I’m free and jolly. And also that not everything messy is supposed to be bad.

Trust me on this, I’m not good at managing everything in my life, not even my cupboard. But at the same time, relations matter to me. I’ m much of an emotional kind of a person and talking about human nature, I’m much susceptible to it. For me, there is nothing that could ever replace the priority that my close friends and my family hold. They’re glued on the top of my priority list. I’m blessed with people like them. And they are the key to my heart. Even on a bad day, I love them.

I don’t like small talks. Talk to me about stars, and dreams and life and it makes sense to me. I like people who speak with the sparkle in their eyes. I literally love them. And I love people who’re fascinated by the stars. Tell me, who doesn’t like stars? I can talk to you endlessly about the stars. I find them way too pretty. I don’t know why and how but every now and then, the trees, the wind, the sun rays, they make me feel lively. I’ve always been inclined towards the beauty of nature.

I’ll tell you, hate isn’t a word for me. I don’t use the word “hate” until and unless I truly hate it. I believe, dislike is a better word. Another considerable fact about me, I can’t get mad at someone for too long. And with too long I mean not even a day. If by any chance, I had a fight and it isn’t sorted, I couldn’t sleep the entire night. Therefore, I hate fights. Doesn’t matter small or big, I hate it for my good.

Yes, another bad thing about me. Sorry doesn’t make sense to me. I rarely apologize and I rarely take sorry into consideration. Instead, I believe in Thank you’s. I thank for the littlest of deeds everybody does. And I get happiness in thanking them.

I pretty much laugh at everything. Apart from some blue days, I’m much of a happy kind of a person. I like the optimistic me. I love myself. And I feel complete in the way I am. I’m glad that at least for a nano- second, I can make people smile.

My friends tell me that I overthink but I think they’re wrong. I think, I just think a little more than them. What say?

I like to see myself smiling and confident in the morning. Can anything beat the charm of a jolly person? With them, they make you happy too, right?


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