Simplicity is how she describes herself.Screenshot_20171212-202408.png
Through little things, she captures most of her memories.
She has the power to play with words and arrange a crossword to reflect an idea in your mind.
She always had that about her, the glitter in the eyes that made the world talk about sparkles, miracles and a happy soul.
Comes from Kathmandu, Nepal and believes Kathmandu to be the most beautiful place in the world.
To impress, ask for a coffee date.
Loves Sidney Sheldon.
Often vulnerable, mostly kind.
Waiting for a letter from Hogwarts.

I believe every day has a new hope acting as a ray in our life. So speaks the title, BeneathTheSunRays. Beneath The Sun Rays is a literary fiction/ non-fiction blog dealing with simple writings, and the thoughts that I can basically comprehend with the motto of spreading a positive message to the people around. I promise you can relate to the articles I write. And yes,  I’ll really appreciate the suggestions and the criticisms laid down by my readers. Please feel free to contact me in any case. Keep Smiling. Keep Blogging 🙂
Sakshi Sharda.