12234861_699469246855204_4484832287635166384_nHello, Readers! ūüôā
Well, No doubt¬†the most difficult¬†question one encounters is to describe themselves. Okay, so¬†this is¬†Sakshi Sharda,¬†an undergraduate, pursuing BBA, from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. I come from the most serene place Kathmandu, Nepal. And this place is just wonderful .Oh, I just realised this is not a blog¬†to¬†describe my home place. Okay,¬†Moving to the point,¬†I realised my love for writing at the age of 14. From then I¬†have been trying to write in the way I can. So, I just had an idea of¬†compiling it into a blog. I better say, the appreciation from all my readers basically led to its beginning. Hence, BeneathTheSunRays originated.¬†¬†
¬†I¬†believe¬†every day has a new hope acting as a ray in our life. So speaks the title, BeneathTheSunRays. Beneath The Sun Rays is a literary fiction/ non-fiction blog dealing with simple writings, and the thoughts that I can basically comprehend with the motto of spreading the positive message to the people. I promise you can relate to the articles I¬†write. And yes,¬† I’ll really appreciate the suggestions and the criticisms laid down by my readers. Please feel free to contact me in any case. Keep Smiling. Keep Blogging ūüôā